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#2 ADL – Going to the Bathroom

Cindy Davis
Written by Cindy Davis

How well do you use the toilet?  Toileting and Continence Management measures your mental and physical ability to:

  • Maintain control of your bowel and bladder functions,
  • Get on and off the toilet safely,
  • Clean genital areas,
  • Perform critical hygiene including care for catheter or colostomy bag, and
  • Use a bedpan or commode.

Activities of daily living indices and long-term care insurance criteria often separate one’s ability to maintain control of bodily functions from the actual use of a toilet.  Because these are highly related, we have combined the two.  Signs you may need additional help going to the bathroom include:

  • difficulty sitting on or getting up from the toilet, a task that may be more difficult if using a cane, walker, or wheelchair;
  • soiled and smelly clothing;
  • urine or excrement on the toilet seat or the bathroom floor; or
  • one or more bladder infections.

About the author

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

Serial entrepreneur and former full-time caregiver for eight years to her father with multiple chronic conditions. A graduate of Dartmouth College with a Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Medicine and Asian Studies; and a Master of Business Administration degree recipient in marketing and finance from UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management. Currently lives in Dallas, Texas with her teenage son and advises businesses on strategic planning, marketing, finance, and operations as owner of Next Level Consulting, Inc.

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